DVD Rental Articles at Movies In House

  • Blockbuster vs Netflix - The question on the mind of just about every DVD renter. We do our best to answer this as we breakdown each company in a variety of important areas.
  • Defunct Rental Companies - See what happened to some of the older DVD rental companies that are no longer in business.
  • Foreign DVD Rental Services - For non-U.S. readers, we've listed the top foreign DVD rental companies in each major country including a brief overview of their service.
  • Available Netflix Software - Enhance your Netflix membership with one of these programs built to take the pain out of dealing with the clunky Netflix interface.
  • Other Movie Sites - We've scoured the web for a comprehensive list of movie/DVD sites that will give you the information you need. From well known sites to some hidden gems, we've got you covered.
  • Map of Netflix Shipping CentersUsing Google maps, we've plotted all the known shipping centers Netflix has in the United States.
  • List of Netflix Shipping Centers - Find the address of the shipping center within your State.
  • What is Throttling? - Detailed explanation of what throttling is, why companies do it, and how it affects your memberships.