DVD Rental Resources

At Movies In House, we try our best to become a full fledged resource for renting DVDs online. Unfortunately, we are just not able to cover the industry in its entirety and thus have turned to some other sites. The following are a list of sites that cover various topics in-depth and will be a great tool in your search for information. They feature official sites, fan sites, and some other links we deemed valuable.  Also check out our movie links page that features tons of useful sites that offer DVD information, reviews, and podcasts.

If there are any links you feel would be valuable to add to this page, please feel free to use our contact form to inform us.

Official Sites

Netflix Blog - Written by one of the product managers of the Netflix site, this blog offers some news and tips straight from the source.

Netflix Prize - A contest for programmers to help improve the accuracy of the company's recommendation engine.

Netflix Investor Relations - Tons of information for investors on the company's stock, financial filings, and coporate governance.

Industry News

Hacking Netflix - The most comprehensive blog on Netflix and other DVD rental services. Frequently updated with a large userbase that follows up each post with comments.

Engadget - Technology blog that covers both Blockbuster and Netflix in decent amounts whenever some news breaks in regards to their technology.

Consumerist - This consumer blog covers Netflix and Blockbuster stories an awful lot.

Stock Tickers

Netflix (NFLX) - Up to the minute stock information on NFLX. http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=nflx

Blockbuster (BBI) - Up to the minute stock info on BBI.

GamezNFlix (GMFX.OB) - Recent stock quotes on GamezNFlix, Inc.

Fan Sites

Netflix Community - Unaffiliated site that lets movie fans communicate in a social networking format. Offers a forum, groups, photos, videos, and your own member page.

Netflix Fan - Frequently updated blog that covers just about everything that you can with Netflix.

Facebook - Both Blockbuster and Netflix are prominately featured on Facebook and have some cool applications. Join their group.