About Us

MoviesInHouse.com is owned and operated by passionate movie fans who are deeply involved in the buying, renting and viewing of DVDs.  With our passion for films, we were immediately drawn to movie rental services such as Netflix years ago. Over the years we’ve been members, and are currently members of a number of the DVD rental services offered in the U.S.

We do not own or work for Blockbuster, Netflix, or any other company listed on our site. We're simply three guys who love movies. We are each unique in our tastes from action, to drama, to independent films. Our usage varies from one of us watching a movie nightly to another casually watching when he's free on Sunday nights.  While discussing the pros and cons of the various services we used, we felt it was appropriate to build a site that gave our opinions as well as yours as to which company can be trusted with your hard earned dollars.  Our opinions are just that, opinions.  Hopefully they help guide you to a company that you like, but should never be taken as the word of God.

Our goal is to provide an informative resource for individuals interested in joining a DVD rental service for the first time, or simply switching to a better one.  Our reviews are unbiased and cover a number of topics we felt were important in selecting a company.  Each company has been graded on their overall inventory, membership features, movie information, shipping speed, and pricing.

Most importantly however, we’ve given you a platform to voice your opinions on the various services.  One of the biggest knocks we had about websites that review the major services were the lack of user input.  Each individual has unique needs when it comes to who they use and we want to hear from you.  It’s your time to step up and let us know about your experiences.  Whether it’s exceptional delivery speed or a bad customer service experience, every opinion is important in helping others make an educated judgment.

If you’re happy with your service and simply want to get the most of out of it, we’re here for you too.  Through our many years of experience in dealing with these companies, we’ve mastered the art of getting the most bang for your buck.  We’re familiar with all the tricks these companies play and give you advice for avoiding them.  Our articles section is in-depth and includes topics you won’t find anywhere else.

In closing, we’d like to be your ultimate guide to mail order DVD renting.  If there is anything you’d like to see on MoviesInHouse.com, please feel free to contact us through our contact form.