Movie Sites On the Web

If you're a movie hound like us, you've probably found yourself surfing the web looking through all sorts of sites in an effort to find something new and exciting. Over the years, we've built a set of bookmarks that have helped us in becoming complete film nerds. We thought we'd share some of these links for you and hopefully help you find something new. If there is a site we're missing, please fill out our contact form and let us know.

Movie Reviews

Rotten Tomatoes - Don't let the name fool you. This is the most comprehensive movie review site on the web. It'll take all the major reviews for a particular movie, link to them, as well as tally them up to give an overall score.

MRQE - The Movie Review Query Engine is similar to Rotten Tomatoes but usually offers even more reviews. Simply plug in the movie you want a review on and get blasted with tons of articles from that particular movie. Real nice tool if you need help choosing a rental for the night.

Metacritic - While they tackle just about everything in pop culture, their movie review section is decent and links to many recent articles. Also allows users to login, write their own review, and rate the particular film.

Roger Ebert - Probably the most well known critic alive, Roger Ebert always offers insightful reviews on the most recent film releases. He also has a search feature that will take you back decades through his archives. Always interesting to see what Ebert thought of an old 80's flick you enjoyed.

Movie Information

IMDB - The Internet Movie Database is the biggest and best movie site online. Offers a ton of information on each movie inculding the most detailed cast filmography on the planet.

JoBlo - A movie emporium featuring reviews, news, trailers, scripts, wallpapers and much more. They have an updated calender of DVD release dates that comes in real handy when you want to know what is coming out.

Yahoo! Movies - A nice mix of movie reviews, interviews with stars, and other gossip from Hollywood. If you're looking to head out to the local theatre, they can even get you the showtimes.

AOL Movies - Similar to Yahoo!, provides a in-depth look into just about everything involved in the movie industry.

Movie Trailers

Apple - Offers the newest movie trailers in Apple's quicktime format.

Coming Soon - Links out to the latest movie trailers.

DVD Links

DVD Talk - Everything DVD is covered here from the latest releases to movie reviews. Check out their easter egg database and find out some extras you may have missed from your favorite DVDs. One of the most active DVD forums on the web as well.

Digitally Obsessed - DVD reviews, news, and much more in this offbeat DVD site.